BMW - The Best Sport Sedans


by Jakub Stránecký

Have you ever wondered what car would you like to buy one day when you make a lot of money? Here are some tips from me about BMW, my favorite brand.

BMW is a German manufacturer known for their luxury cars. For sure the most important of all their cars is considered BMW M 3.0 CSL made in 70s. This car was the first sporty car ever which was usable as a daily driver even for families. Since then BMW started to make more M cars which are fast, luxurious, exciting and beautiful. This really changed the public view on the brand.

The BMW producer went from making luxurious cars for old wealthy people who saved a lot of money over the course of their life to sporty cars for families who want to have fun when driving. And the company is using the same old formula focusing on the sports car for families since then and it still works today.

Why is BMW my favorite make? The idea of focusing on sporty yet practical vehicles works so well that a lot of manufacturers like AMG from Mercedes-Benz or S/R cars from Audi are trying to do the same as BMW and they are pretty successful and good as well and all of them make something else very well. Mercedes is luxurious in the sense of comfort in the interior, Audi is spacious, but BMW can do this all too plus add a cool design. Because of that I am leaning more towards BMW then the others.

So here is my recommendation, check out BMW, check out other brands too and ... study hard to be able to make a lot of money to enjoy a ride in your own great car one day!