Fastest Production Car in the World


by Jakub Stránecký

Car makers are constantly trying to make their cars better and better and some of them are trying to make them as fast as possible.

A lot of people that don't know much about cars might still know that Bugatti is known for their very fast cars. Their cars like Veyron and Chiron can both do more than 400 Km/h and Chiron can do even 420 km/h (261 MPH). Bugatti Chiron has set the record for the fastest car that can go from 0-400-0 and it did it in 42 seconds.

But then, a little Swedish car brand, known only to real petrolheads called Koenigsegg, decided to break all of these records. First they have destroyed Bugatti in a 0-400-0 with time of 36.44 seconds and then they broke the record for the fastest production car in the world. They have achieved speed of 447 Km/h (278 MPH).

And this year they have came up with an entirely new car called Koenigsegg Jesko which should be the first production car that could reach the speed of 300 MPH or 482 Km/h. It's important to say that they haven't achieved it yet but it should be possible according to their simulations and I trust them because they are well known for their insanely fast cars. And I think that this news is really exciting, because nobody has ever been to the 300 MPH milestone and the only milestone ahead of that is the 500 Km/h one.

So let's have our fingers crossed and cheer for Koenigsegg, because they are the proof that you don't have to be super big manufacturer like Bugatti which belongs under the Volkswagen group to be the best.