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Forty Foot


First time in Dublin during spring? Looking for something exceptional to do with your time there? Fond of doing challenges with friends? A wee dip good enough? Well, I have got an idea. The Forty Foot title may sound rather odd to you and perhaps you would not guess what's the meaning behind it. Let me shed some light on...

Aran Islands


Situated approximately 48km away from Galway Bay are the Aran Islands, comprising three little islands – Inis Mór, Inis Meáin and Inis Oírr. They are the last lands to the west before you reach America, enclosed by Atlantic Ocean (in case some of you did not grasp that :D).

The Formula 1 season is back! Whereas the season of speculations, rumors, and has been running simultaneously since the end of the 2023 season. From a certain point of view, it was one of the most boring preseasons ever, because none of the 20 driver seats had its owner changed. This happened for the first time in the whole F1...

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Origins of Golf

Oskar Hahn

Hmm, I was just wondering about the first occurrence of golf. So here is what I found about the HISTORY of golf: The modern game of golf originated in 15th-century Scotland, the game's ancient origins are unclear and much debated.

Golf Course 

Have you ever thought what golf course consists of and are you able to speak to professionals about their beloved green? Let's look at some basic golf terms and maybe you will be drawn to learn even more! 

London at My Feet

"I don't care! I have to see it." I told Maya as I sneaked out through the window. Today was the last day of our school trip to London, tomorrow we were supposed to leave to Manchester. 

The Greates Malls in the World 

Is shopping your passion? That's great, because Dubai is right  place for you. But if you're not interested in shopping it doesn't matter because these malls are not only full of stores.

Čirý sklenit knižního světa

Původním českým fantasy nesoucím název Naslouchač se Petra Stehlíková nesmazatelně zapsala do dějin české dystopické literatury. Její romány nám představují třináctiletou hrdinku ve světě, který ji pokládá za lidství nehodného otroka. 


Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles in California, USA. The neighborhood is historically associated with major American film companies, and the name Hollywood is therefore used as a synonym for American cinematography. And that´s exactly the Hollywood I wanna talk about! Hollywood

The Musical Sound of a Flush

There are different types of people. As an example, we can differentiate them by what are they doing during sitting on the toilet. But honestly. Have you ever thought about the noise your toilet is making while flushing? 

To Die! Tremendous Thing!

Leonard Warren (21st April 1911 - 4th March 1960) was an American opera singer. He was a leading artist in the Metropolitan Opera (New York City) for many years and was well-known for his unbelievable baritone. Before his career really took off, he was a singer in the chorus at Radio City Music Hall.

Faker was born on 7th May 1996 in South Korean capital city Seoul. When he was 10 years old he discovered computer games. Because of his intelligence, he had a huge potential in strategy games. So he started to play Starcraft II which had already at that time a big fan base and a famous e-sport league. When the popularity of Starcraft declined, he gave a chance to a new title League of Legends by Riot Games.
You can feel his contributions to the gaming world every time you turn on a console or play a modern game on a computer. He is the one who is responsible for taking the games to 3D. Without him you can only imagine how the first person shooters would be like.

Nürburgring - One of the Most Dangerous Tracks

This track is the one that Niki Lauda crashed at. If you have seen the movie Rush, it is nicely explained there. The eleventh race of previous F1 season happened on Nürburgring track and though we have not seen many collisions there were a few of them and really close moments.

Formula 1 Basics 

You may ask what is Formula 1. So for the people who do not know, Formula 1 is the best thing that a motorsport can have. If you ever watched any races you know that this sport is not just about how cars drive around in circles (that is indycar and nascar, most boring things in motorsport). Formula 1 is called the queen of motorsport.


Rubik's cube

Like to many other people, the Rubik's cube was a real mystery to me and until recently I didn't desire to learn how to puzzle it out.

Fastest Production Car in the World

Car makers are constantly trying to make their cars better and better and some of them are trying to make them as fast as possible. 


Australian Bushfires (update)

This year´s summer in Australia will be remembered as a season of one of the worst bushfires that Australia has ever experienced.  

Olympics in Tokyo 2020 - To Be or Not To Be?

The olympic flame was already handed over from the Greeks to Japanese, but it is still uncertain if the games will actually take place because of the pandemic caused by coronavirus.  

5 Tips On How To Always Look Fashionable!

You want to look stylish everyday? There are a few secrets to always look good and trust me when i say, that it's not about always wearing the trendiest or the most expensive clothes.   

5 Fashion Rules Every Man Should Know

In the past articles we've been focusing on some fashion tips specifically for women, but don't worry boys, we haven't forgotten about you! So here are a few fashion rules every man should know!  

Escape Room

Jednoho dne jsme já a čtyři moji kamarádi šli na únikovou hru. To místo se nám od první chvíle nelíbilo, ale stejně jsme do toho ne moc dobře udržovaného baráku vešli.

Štědrý Večer

Byl studený zimní večer. V pět hodin už byla venku tma, lampy svítily lidem na cestu a osvětlovali ulice svým nažloutlým světlem. Z výšky se na zem pomalu snášel sníh, který celé město zakryl bílým povlakem.   


Individual Psychology Theory by Alfred Adler

Alfred Adler was an Austrian psychologist and doctor born in 1870. He took part in some of Sigmund Freud's researches. He soon found out that his ideas and opinions on human mind were very different from Freud's theories. 

The Twisted Story Behind Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

We all know the beautiful story of a girl called Alice and her fantastic world full of fantastic creatures and places. It is hard enough to imagine a dream world like this, let alone write a book about it.


Flying Lemur

Many of you have probably at least once in your life heard of something as a flying squirrel, but do you know there is also an animal called "flying lemur"? 

Think Pink

Water is blue - isn't it? Well Mother Nature likes to play with us, and sometimes the colour of water isn't blue or green - it's bubblegum.


The Colourful World of Jim Kay

If you consider yourself a Potterhead (for the uninitiated - an avowed fan of Harry Potter), then it's certainly no news to you, that a new illustrated edition of the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, has just been published - and it's available not only in English, but also for those of us, who prefer reading in Czech.

The Repeatable Genre Rant

I sparingly watch movies and TV shows. First off, most genres are and will continue to be cursed for me (looking mainly at you, romance, horror, crime and documentaries). This seems to sip over to other mediums to some extend, as even the books lining my walls are either sci-fi or fantasy. 


Bylo teplé podzimní ráno. Listy se proháněly ve větru pod zářivým sluncem, zatímco Zuzka se svým tátou listovali v knížkách přede dveřmi své malé dřevěné chatky. Seděli v tureckém sedu na lavičce s výhledem na jezero. To jezero vždycky milovala. Občas se na něj jen tak dívala a přemýšlela. Jezero bylo toho dne krásné, vypadalo jako noční obloha. Vždy, když u něj seděla, cítila se zvláštně klidná a měla pocit tepla a bezpečí.

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